7 Tips For Getting Your Hair Cut By A Novice Barber

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Whether male or female, you can save money by getting your hair cut at a barber college. Since you are dealing with newbies to hair cutting, you have to work with the barber to ensure you get the style you want. Here are some tips to help you get the best results from the barber.

  1. Shampoo your hair. It is possible that the barber will not shampoo your hair before cutting it. Take the time to wash your hair and remove all of the styling products from it so that your hair is easier to manage by the barber.
  2. Know what you want. More experienced barbers can usually recommend a style for your hair, but an inexperienced barber could struggle to find a style that suits you. To ensure that you get the style you want, know exactly what you want before heading to the barber college.
  3. Avoid being the first or last customer. To give the barber more time to work on your hair, try to find a slow period of day. If you arrive in the middle of the day, it is likely that the barber college will have a lull in visitors, which affords the barber time to style your hair correctly.
  4. Provide a general description. Inform the barber what style you want, but try not to overload him or her with details. The barber can refine the look to fit your preferences as he or she goes.
  5. Pay attention. It is imperative that you pay attention and watch the barber's progress in the mirror. Remember, he or she is still learning how to cut hair. By monitoring the cutting, you can stop the barber from making any mistakes while cutting your hair and ensure you get the cut you want.
  6. Avoid nitpicking. It is likely that your hair will not look exactly like you want it to. Be patient with the barber when discussing issues and remember that he or she might not get your hair cut exactly right.
  7. Remember to tip. Even though the barber is working towards his or her license, you can still offer a tip. A generous tip not only helps to bolster the barber's confidence, but can be instrumental in establishing a relationship in case he or she cuts your hair again in the future.

By using these tips, you can help ensure that you get the haircut you need and want. Talk to the student barber before he or she starts cutting your hair to find out if there are any other things to remember to help him or her cut your hair properly.